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Shanxi has successfully developed a new greenhouse roller shutter device

Shanxi Chang 4 In order to solve the problem of curtain rolling and releasing in the plastic temperature 90 ° peeling room of vegetable farmers in winter, the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Research Institute has recently developed an electric and manual mechanical curtain rolling and releasing device after nearly a year of research and experiment. The device has the advantages of convenient installation and flexible use, and is suitable for rolling and placing straw curtains and cotton curtains in various greenhouses

in winter, farmers engaged in greenhouse production stand on the top of the greenhouse in the morning and evening to roll up the insulation curtain, which not only has to face the biting cold wind, but also has a large workload. Even skilled workers need 40 ~ 50 minutes to complete a 50 meter long greenhouse. According to the actual situation in rural areas, the technicians of Changzhi Agricultural Machinery Research Institute developed an electric and manual shutter rolling machine, which solved the problem of slow and tired manual curtain rolling and releasing in greenhouse operation. According to the experiment, before the installation of roller shutter Jinan assay, it is necessary to make clear that the rigidity of the material is necessary. The machine greenhouse saves labor and effort, and the indoor sunshine time can be extended by more than one hour

here comes the statement of hydraulic 4-ball testing machine:

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