The most popular new detection system in Japan

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The existing production facilities of the packaging department will continue to produce relevant parts and components with the same quality

Japan's new detection system

Japan Asahi soft drink company has recently developed an automated detection system that can replace human eyes' senses for impurity detection of PET bottled drinks in recent years. This automatic detection system can detect impurities with the size of 0.07mm, which increased from US $120million in 1994 to US $6billion in 2013, bringing more accurate detection results to the beverage production line at a higher speed. It is said that the cost of this detection system, which ranks first in the world, is as high as 100million yen. Asahi soft drink company indicated that it was put into use in Kashiwa factory in Chiba. After precise measurement, the system was promoted. (Zeng Guangming)

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