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China has developed a new type of composite antibiotic bacteria packaging material

on the basis of the successful development of ZnO whisker composite antibacterial agent, the school of materials science and engineering of southwestjiaotonguniversity has applied it to plastic packaging materials and developed an antibacterial packaging bag with an antibacterial rate of more than 99%

due to the unique colorless property of ZnO Changxu composite antibacterial agent, adding it to the substrate will not change the color of the substrate, so it can be made into transparent PC and PE antibacterial materials. In addition, due to the multi-functional characteristics of ZnO crystal whisker itself, the plastic packaging materials added with ZnO Changxu composite antibacterial agent also have the characteristics of high strength and good freshness. In addition to the light weight of plastic bags, which is an expansion of the range of plastic parts, it can also be used in paper packaging and the surface painting of metal packaging. The launch of such anti-bacterial packaging materials has aroused strong repercussions in the market, and a number of packaging material manufacturers have expressed their positive desire for cooperation. At present, the product has been put into production in Chengdu Jiaotong University Jingyu Technology Co., Ltd. and has applied for a national invention patent

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