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A new type of efficient ink cleaner

although ink cleaner is only an auxiliary material in printing enterprises, it is a necessity for printing every day. At present, the traditional ink cleaners are gasoline and kerosene. Gasoline and kerosene are inflammables in the cleaning process. There are not only a large number of harmful gases endangering human health, but also the safety is not guaranteed

recent h) curve selection of Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology: stress-strain, force time, strength time and other curves can be selected for display and printing as required; A new efficient ink cleaning agent was developed. The product is composed of surfactant, emulsifier, penetrant and rubber antioxidant. It can be used by adding a certain amount of water. It has good washing ability for the ink and will not make the rubber layer of the ink roller expand or shrink. The cleaning agent has the advantages of low volatility, non flammability, extremely safe use, no pollution to the environment, and the use cost is lower than that of gasoline paper

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