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The newly designed FLIR ax5 series thermal imager meets your more application needs

in the autumn of 2016, Philips proudly launched an upgraded version of ax5 automatic infrared thermal imager series suitable for machine vision. The upgraded ax5 series provides users with automated infrared thermal imaging solutions to meet more application needs than ever before

no matter what your machine vision application is, this upgraded multi-function f has been improved and improved to varying degrees. Lir ax5 series infrared thermal imager can help your process run more smoothly and enhance confidence

ten field angles can be selected, which means that the temperature measurement area can be better controlled; At the same time, the rugged new design can enhance the vibration resistance; Ax5 series thermal imagers maintain the leading position in the field of digital communication standards, and provide plug and play solutions for your existing systems

unique advantages of the upgraded ax5 series

1. Temperature sensor for measuring heat

mature and innovative temperature sensor can provide infrared thermal imaging with more information

ten field angles can be selected to better control the temperature measurement area

extended operating temperature range

generate a 60 Hz high frame rate thermal image

2. Leader in the field of digital communication standards

stream temperature linear output to your system for real-time data analysis

support GigE vision and genicam<(5) 033549016180 d=3a/p>

realize easy synchronization between thermal imagers

work seamlessly with genicam supporting software, including national instruments IMAQ Vision, stemmers common vision Blox and Cognex vision pro

3. Designed for your application

compact design, it is easy to install in narrow spaces such as electric cabinets

the new, more durable housing enhances vibration resistance

more cost-effective

a35 and A65 thermal imagers provide system upgrades that are easily compatible with some brand products of automation systems to achieve seamless integration, and can help your process control and quality assurance business run more smoothly. These two thermal imagers are very suitable for status monitoring and fire prevention. For more information, please click:

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