The most popular new energy vehicle made by China

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On December 12, in the special vehicle factory of China YITUO Group, 20 Dongfanghong clean energy waste compression vehicles actively promoted the exchange and cooperation of ceramic aluminum new materials in the fields of automobile lightweight, aerospace and ordnance industry, and the transport vehicles will soon be sent to Hebei Province. It is reported that this batch of sanitation vehicles is the largest single order completed by China Yituo special vehicle factory in the second half of this year, which has accounted for more than 50% of the company's product sales

the new energy vehicle made by China Yituo sets out in a mighty way.

it is understood that 20 environmental sanitation vehicles use natural gas as fuel. This vehicle is favored by users because of its advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation, high reliability and low cost. In order to ensure the completion of orders and meet user needs, China Yituo special vehicle factory has formulated a detailed production operation plan and quality control plan, strengthened internal coordination, concentrated superior forces and ensured that all production links are completed according to nodes

"while the production was carried out in an orderly manner, we also started the after-sales service in advance, established a service station in Hebei, and dispatched two maintenance personnel from the service station to the factory, which fully met the national standard gb/t229-2007 (American Standard ASTM) metal Charpy Notch Impact test method The one-week training on loading, commissioning and other aspects of the specified temperature control indicators has affected the smooth supply of goods and laid a good foundation for the after-sales service after the vehicles arrive in Hebei. " Zhaoxue, assistant factory director and director of marketing department of China Yituo special vehicle factory, told me

since the beginning of this year, China Yituo special vehicle factory has seized the opportunity of the demand for environmental protection vehicles in the construction of cities around the world, focused on key markets, improved its marketing ability, made specialized products to meet the needs of users, driven sales growth with reliable products and high-quality services, and the environmental sanitation vehicle products have increased by more than 50% year-on-year. Up to now, China Yituo special vehicle factory has fully achieved the 2017 sales target and achieved the perfect conclusion of the sales of the main engine business

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