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The strategic layout has achieved initial results. The lion dance robot independently developed by giant ship Co., Ltd. appeared at the world-class conference. The first customized industrial robot automation line has been officially put into use. The input and output of giant ship Co., Ltd. in the robot sector has achieved gratifying results

since its establishment, giant ship Co., Ltd. has mainly engaged in machining and manufacturing. From mechanization, automation, informatization, digitalization to intellectualization, it has experienced a complete path of integration and upgrading of the two. Through the merger and acquisition of Germany ogizo Machine Tool Co., Ltd., it has deeply studied the experience of German industry 4.0, and when further implementing the lag ring method in German technology, it is necessary to draw a lag ring and integrate it into made in China, Based on the accumulation of products and technologies in the early stage, we have promoted the development of key components and systems of industrial robots, and used the advantages accumulated in equipment, technology and talents to transform research and development achievements. Now, we have successfully developed a number of specifications and models of series light and heavy-duty robot molding products and complete sets of equipment for different operations in related industries, and his big goal is to accelerate the promotion

the development of industrial robots is a general trend in all major industries, especially in the tire industry, which is a depression in automation and intelligent applications. In order to meet the needs of the transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry, comply with the development direction of intelligence, automation, informatization and greening of the tire industry, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and break through key technologies, Jusun will strive to provide tire production enterprises with high accuracy A complete set of intelligent and automatic equipment and assembly line scheme for tire manufacturing with high production efficiency, high degree of automation, environmental protection and energy conservation. At the end of last year, the first industrial robot automation line customized and designed for Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. was officially put into use, which is also the first time that Zhongce group should respond to the enterprise trend: Portugal temp group recently launched the latest 12014 industrial robot automation line for fan blades with moderate growth in American plastic material trading. In the future, the company will rely on industry advantages, deeply tap demand, break through key technologies, enrich robot product lines, and accelerate the promotion and application of intelligent equipment

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