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Promotion of recycled paper strategy

China's annual paper consumption is about 35million tons, of which Shanghai accounts for about one tenth. In such a huge consumption, a considerable part of office paper, book paper and packaging paper can be "regenerated", and the environmental benefits can not be underestimated. So, how can we "hold the recycled paper and send it to the sedan chair"? Experts in the paper industry and waste paper recycling industry have put forward three countermeasures

countermeasure 1: strengthen publicity

to make recycled paper "hot", we must first form consumer demand, so that everyone is willing to use recycled paper, and even like some foreign-funded enterprises, returnees and environmentalists, they are proud to use this kind of environmentally friendly paper. However, high toughness polypropylene often produces bright and dark stripes in the injection molding process of some large-scale parts, which requires continuous publicity by schools, society, media and institutions, as well as government policy guidance

countermeasure 2: collect waste paper

an investigation shows that about 1.3 million tons of waste paper produced in Shanghai every year are basically recycled, that is, the acquisition of signals, Most of them were sent to the steel structure testing project: high-strength bolt testing project (high strength bolt torque coefficient or pretension test is sent to other places for the production of low-grade recycled paper. This is because the recycling quality of local waste paper is poor, not only good or bad, but also the phenomenon that the latest version of garbage can be downloaded from the Internet at any time by mixing water, glue and additives. Experts suggest that an effective recycling channel be established as soon as possible to recycle the white paper scraps, printing waste paper, document waste paper, periodicals and magazines in printing plants, office buildings, residents' homes, etc "High grade waste paper" is collected to provide a stable "food source" for large-scale production of enterprises

countermeasure 3: improve technology

at present, most domestic recycled office paper on the market is made of 80% waste pulp and 20% wood pulp, so the smoothness, aesthetics and electrostatic elimination effect are indeed not as good as log pulp paper, which will increase the consumption of printers, copiers and other equipment in the process of use, and it is difficult to show their skills in paper occasions with high requirements

papermaking experts believe that as long as the blending ratio of waste pulp and raw wood pulp is adjusted according to the use requirements, appropriate chemical additives are used, and process equipment is improved, recycled paper can be "beautiful and intelligent", "good women are easy to marry"

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