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Yilian Kaitai fund strategically invested in rgblink Shicheng technology to accelerate the upgrading of enabling ultra-high definition audio and video communications

recently, Yilian Kaitai artificial intelligence venture capital fund (hereinafter referred to as Yilian Kaitai Fund) completed its strategic investment in rgblink Shicheng Technology (hereinafter referred to as Shicheng Technology). This strategic investment will help Shicheng technology build an internationally leading ultra-high definition video display management system, comprehensively integrate the performance, reliability and ease of use of products, and provide customers with the best quality audio and video processing equipment

Shicheng technology is one of the most professional equipment suppliers in the audio-visual and display fields, mainly developing and providing professional audio-visual processing solutions. Since its establishment in 2009, Shicheng technology has sold its products to more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad

focus on the audio and video field

invest in Shicheng technology to improve the business ecosystem in the audio-visual field

audio and video is the mainstream language in the 5g network era. The rapid iterative breakthrough of new technology will enable the traditional screen to realize informatization, interconnection and intelligence, and also promote the development of the industry ecosystem towards a deeper visual application overall solution

Yilian and Shicheng technology are both senior experts in the audio and video field for a long time. They adhere to the independent innovation route, continue to invest in research and development in order to meet the audio and video needs of users in diversified scenes, and are committed to achieving more intelligent and efficient interactive communication

use scenarios of audio-visual products of Shicheng technology

Mr. Lu Rongfu, co-founder of Yilian Caitai, said: this strategic investment of Yilian Caitai in Shicheng technology is an important step for the company to actively layout the audio and video ecological field. Shicheng Technology entrepreneurial team is diligent and dedicated, focuses on innovation, and has excellent technology and products. It is committed to rotating the screws on the zigzag rod to become a leader in the field of large screen video display control. Shicheng technology and Yilian have similar corporate genes, both of which take R & D as the core competitiveness. This strategic investment has closely deepened the cooperation between the two sides, enabling them to share experience, learn from each other, and work together to move forward in the audio-visual field

Porous based qualitative phase change materials are not easy to leak

rgblink, Mr. Hu Hongqing, founder and CEO of Shicheng technology, said: facing the challenges and opportunities of ultra-high definition video application viot, Yilian, as the leader of global enterprise communication solutions, I and Shicheng team firmly believe that through the cooperation of both sides, we can win the future more efficiently

Yilian Kaitai fund

investment and innovation technology service enterprise development

in recent years, Yilian on the one hand focuses on its own product research and development and technology accumulation, on the other hand, it also actively participates in the development of excellent enterprises through investment, mergers and acquisitions. The company and Kaitai capital jointly initiated and established Yilian Kaitai AI venture capital fund, which mainly invests in the innovative applications of cutting-edge technologies such as global enterprise services, cloud services, enterprise security, artificial intelligence, big data, etc; It is hoped that through innovative investment methods, Yilian enterprise communication and collaboration cloud service ecosystem will be gradually built and fully coordinated development will be achieved

the fund team inherits the business style of Yilian focusing, pursuing the ultimate and win-win, adheres to the business philosophy of Kaitai capital's research driven investment, and is committed to giving full play to Yilian's industrial resource advantages and management innovation mode, as well as Kaitai capital's value research, industrial analysis ability and deep understanding of business innovation, focusing on finding technological innovation It is a high-value project to realize the integration of product innovation and business model innovation with ordinary policyholders

in addition, Jinan Shijin high-performance electronic universal experimental machine union Kaitai fund hopes to become a runner up on the road to enterprise success, adhere to walking side by side with entrepreneurs, and help run for a long time. Yilian is willing to give full play to its in-depth understanding of the industrial ecology. Through all-round communication and in-depth interactive discussion with the entrepreneurial team, according to the business characteristics of the entrepreneurial team, it shares its accumulated experience in business management, technology research and development, marketing, talent training and other aspects to the entrepreneurial team, and helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams through in-depth post investment management and comprehensive empowerment

about Yilian

Xiamen Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300628) is a global listed enterprise communication company, which provides cloud + end video conferencing, IP voice communication and collaboration solutions with international quality, leading technology and friendly experience, and has reached long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation with international brands such as Microsoft. With R & D as the core, Yilian adheres to independent innovation, owns the world's leading patents for core technologies such as cloud computing, audio and video, and image processing, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient, helping all kinds of enterprises and institutions improve efficiency and competitiveness. Its own brand, yealink, sells well in more than 140 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Australia. Its SIP phone market share ranks first in the world (Frost Sullivan data) and user satisfaction ranks first in the world (Eastern Management Group survey data)

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