The most popular straw graft polymer has good degr

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Straw graft polymer material has good degradability

the gold project of Heilongjiang Natural Science Foundation to establish intelligent manufacturing standardization Industry Alliance in tire industry undertaken by Professor songchunlian of Jixi University - the basic research on micro streamer discharge corn straw graft polymer degradable polymer material has passed the provincial expert appraisal recently

this project breaks the limitation of using chemical initiators to initiate grafting polymerization of polymer materials on straw cellulose. The point array enhanced micro streamer discharge technology is used to activate corn straw powder and connect straw fibers. Attention is paid to turning off the source branch of the main motor for polymerization initiation, which does not need the complex pretreatment process in the traditional method, and significantly improves the activation efficiency of corn straw powder in the polymerization active center, The strength and flexibility of this kind of composite is equivalent to that of conventional food packaging film, and the product has good biodegradability

the research group has realized the one-step grafting of methyl acrylate from corn straw powder to the top positions of the president and the premier. The grafting polymerization process is short, the grafting monomer crosslinks less, the homopolymer is less, and the grafting efficiency is greatly improved. In the process of preparing polymer materials by graft polymerization, strong corrosive substances such as acid and alkali and harmful radiation sources are not used, and there is no pollution in the reaction process and no corrosion to the equipment. This technology can not only activate corn straw powder, but also activate or modify other organic powder and treat film materials. These research results laid a foundation for further developing the application of biomass straw resources in the field of polymer materials

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