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Zhenglue Junce: a practical school of local management consulting

Guide: management consulting originated in the United States. In 1886, Arthur Ritter, the first management consulting company, was founded, marking the official birth of the management consulting industry. It was not until the early 1980s that China's consulting industry sprouted. After more than 20 years of development, although China's management consulting industry is similar to the West

management consulting originated in the United States. In 1886, Arthur Ritter, the first management consulting company, was founded, marking the official birth of the management consulting industry. It was not until the early 1980s that China's consulting industry sprouted. After more than 20 years of development, although there is a gap between China's management consulting industry and Western countries, it has gradually entered a period of rapid development. As one of the management consulting companies with the longest establishment time, the most complete business types, the largest number of employees, the highest degree of specialization and the greatest influence in China, and one of the first Chinese management consulting companies to set up wholly-owned companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, zhengjunce has witnessed the occurrence and development of the domestic consulting industry

The predecessor of zhenglue Junce: xinhuaxin management consulting in 1992, Deng Xiaoping's southern tour brought great opportunities for development, and people are eager to jump out of the shackles of traditional ideas and find enthusiasm for self-development. Zhao Min, who just returned from studying abroad in the United States, absorbed new ideas and ideas, and realized that what he needed was a passion for entrepreneurship, which could not be given by government departments at that time. Therefore, with the passion of a hot-blooded man, three entrepreneurial partners talked about the English name of the company "xinhuaxin" in the dormitory: Sinotrust. At this time, it was as if they had prepared all the ink, paper and inkstones, and were ready to draw a magnificent blue in the consulting industry with the extensive use of electrical testing and electronic control technology on the experimental machine

Zhao Min's sensitive business sense, wise information judgment and advanced strategic vision made him focus on the consulting industry that was still blank in China at that time. China's management consulting lags far behind Europe and the United States, but fortunately, the work of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation has given them the opportunity to contact many enterprises and information consulting companies, knowing that there is still much room for development in the domestic market. Several private consulting companies that were active in the 1990s gradually faded out of the market because of their poor basic quality, while those with both overseas and government backgrounds, such as xinhuanxin (the predecessor of zhenglue Junce), who did consulting professionally according to international standards, finally stood up like waves washing sand

as foreign capital enters China considering Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou at the same time, in order to win more customers, xinhuanxin Beijing head office began to implement (2) check whether the gasket at the joint is a complete regional expansion strategy just one year after its establishment. In December, 1993, xinhuaxin Shanghai Branch was established, followed by the establishment of xinhuaxin Guangzhou Branch in December, 1994

with the rapid development of obligations, honors also follow. In 2001, Zhao Min was rated as one of the "100 global future leaders in 2001" by the "World Economic Forum" in Davos, Switzerland, and became the only Chinese management consulting expert in China who was awarded this honor by the "World Economic Forum". In 2002, the award of the title of "outstanding young people from the United States and China" was an affirmation of the outstanding achievements of this Chinese management consulting expert. In 2004, with his outstanding contributions and influence in the industry, Zhao Min was elected as the chairman of Beijing Science and technology consulting industry association, becoming the first democratically elected chairman of the industry association in China's science and technology consulting industry. On this occasion, Xinhua letter began to establish its leading position in China's local management consulting industry. [next]

zhengluejun strategy was refined into steel

in 2005, at the peak of the development of xinhuaxin management consulting, Zhao Min was thinking about an unexpected thing: giving up xinhuaxin brand and starting a new brand "zhengluejun strategy". The management of the company is worried, but Zhao Min gives only one reason - the future. In order to distinguish from the other two businesses of business credit and market research, and establish the high-end brand of management consulting, he resolutely decided to rename his name. Facts have proved that the brand-new "zhengluejunce" brand is shining. He and his team are building the "aircraft carrier" of China's local consulting industry with high-quality and high-volume consulting services, hard-working and tenacious spirit, unique corporate culture and innovative ideas of seeking new changes

today, zhenglue Junce is one of the management consulting companies with the longest establishment, the most complete business types, the largest number of employees, the highest degree of specialization and the greatest influence in China. Its business scope covers strategic consulting, marketing consulting, human resources consulting, operation information consulting, education and training services, investment and financing consulting, senior talent services, corporate culture consulting, government consulting, management book publishing, etc. As of July 1st, 2009, zhenglue Junce Management Consulting Co., Ltd. has more than 350 full-time consultants and researchers, of which many partners and senior managers have the qualifications of independent directors of listed companies recognized by the CSRC

as one of the pioneers in the professionalization and industrialization of local consulting in China, zhengluejun strategy continues to pay attention to the dynamic development of China's hot industries, and conducts in-depth research on the hot and difficult issues of various industries through internal resources, so as to provide reference and guidance for the development of various hot industries. So far, more than 300 management monographs have been published, including strategy, marketing, human resources, it technology, entrepreneurship, mergers and acquisitions, etc. In addition, on the basis of summarizing the project experience and professional research, zhengslightly Junce regularly writes columns for many media and professional journals, such as economic observer, China business daily, 21st Century Business Herald, fortune, it manager world, Chinese entrepreneurs, Harvard Business Review, Peking University Business Review, etc. The partners of zhenglue Junce often participate in various high-level professional forums at home and abroad as guests to disseminate modern management experience and management methods for the business community. At the same time, they have also entered colleges and universities, delivered speeches and held lectures, and served as visiting professors in some first-class colleges and universities for many years, and have become MBA internship bases in many famous domestic colleges and universities

behind the brilliance, zhengslightly Junce did not forget to actively participate in social public welfare activities and assume the responsibility of "social citizens": set up a "Xinhua letter Management Research Award Fund" for Guanghua School of management, Peking University; Donation for Hoh Xil Tibetan antelope nature reserve; Jointly launched the "signature of Chinese entrepreneurs against war"; Donation for Alashan Desert management in Inner Mongolia; Set up the company as an MBA internship base for famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, National People's Congress and foreign trade and economic cooperation; Donation to poor college students... [next]

pay attention to the industry and be a practicer of the industry

Zheng Junce is paying attention to the growth and development of the industry in addition to conscientiously consulting and serving customers

management consulting company aims at the specific management problems (strategy, operation, information technology, etc.) of the enterprise. With the help of management tools and models, and with the expertise and experience of the consulting team, it helps the customer organization to identify and analyze relevant problems, propose personalized solutions, and provide help for the implementation of these solutions when necessary, so as to help the enterprise achieve sustainable development. This determines the three characteristics of management consulting:

1, objectivity. The consulting company is the "external brain" hired by the enterprise. As an independent third party, it has no direct conflict of interest with entrepreneurs and employees, and is relatively objective and impartial in proposing solutions

2. Professionalism. The management consulting company has experienced professional consultants and a strong knowledge base, including theoretical models, tools, consulting cases, etc., which can meet the needs of the life science branch of Lubrizol in different industries to solve different problems in the thermoplastic polyurethane material performance industry through cooperation with compounding solutions, a manufacturer of medical composites, including strategy, organizational structure, salary performance, process, etc

3. Customization. The solutions provided by the consulting company are tailored to the specific situation of customers. Customization, that is, one-to-one service every time; As a result of customization, the personality of the customer enterprise determines the personality of the consulting service. Due to the growing differences between different enterprises, there is less and less content that can be copied to other customers in this personalized solution, so innovation is an inevitable requirement. The characteristics of this service determine the high value of management consulting. And matching is an important factor to determine the success of the consulting program

since 2002, zhenglue Junce has investigated and studied the management consulting procurement status of Listed Companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges every year, and launched a series of annual reports entitled "Research on the market development of China's management consulting industry" to provide reference for customer enterprises to choose management consulting services

according to the 2009 "Research on the market development of China's management consulting industry", affected by the economic crisis, China's management consulting market fell steadily in 2008. The proportion of customers of procurement consulting broke the trend of continuous growth in the past eight years, with a decrease of 6.39 percentage points for the first time. However, the overall management consulting market has not been greatly affected. Some major industries of traditional procurement management consulting have still become an important market for management consulting in 2008, which is in line with the usual "28 principles" in terms of the proportion of the whole scale

second, the old customer group is still the main force of the customer group in 2008, and the proportion of old customers increased by 5.18 percentage points, showing an upward trend. Up to 56.7% of the old customers have maintained long-term cooperative relations with the consulting companies, and said that as long as the consulting projects are satisfactory, they also tend to continue to purchase new consulting businesses in the consulting companies they have cooperated with. Generally speaking, maintaining a good relationship with old customer groups is an important task for consulting companies to explore new markets and achieve long-term and stable development

third, the four traditional consulting projects, strategy, human resources, marketing, organization and process, still accounted for the largest market share in the management consulting market in 2008, but compared with previous years, the proportion of all consulting business types except human resources consulting has been reduced, replacing marketing consulting into the first tier with the fastest growth of new customers

fourth, in 2008, local consulting still dominated the entire consulting market with a dominant advantage, and its market share reached 74%. However, compared with 2007, the market share of domestic consulting was basically the same, while foreign consulting increased by 8 percentage points, which shows that foreign consulting is also increasingly concerned by local enterprises, and the competition in the domestic consulting market is increasingly fierce

fifth, the profitability of enterprises, the past experience of consulting and the time of listing will have a significant impact on the tendency of enterprises to accept consulting. Among them, for every unit of increase in the profitability of an enterprise, the possibility of receiving consultation is 4.685 times higher than before; Enterprises that have been consulted in the past are 10 times more likely to be consulted in the future than enterprises that have not been consulted; The length of listing time has a slight negative impact on the possibility of enterprises accepting consultation

sixth, for all types of enterprises, the consulting demand in the field of strategic consulting and human resources consulting is the largest

seventh, the main motivation of enterprise procurement management consulting services is internal demand

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