China will continue to cut administrative approval

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Development and Reform Commission: China will continue to cut administrative approval and government pricing

the national development and Reform Commission said on the 20th that in the interpretation of the reform document of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Xu Shaoshi, director of the development and Reform Commission, pointed out that China will further reduce administrative approval and government pricing in the next step

the recently concluded Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee clearly pointed out in its reform decision that the market should play a decisive role in resource allocation and better play the role of the government; Greatly reduce the direct allocation of resources by the government, and give whatever can be priced by the market to the coal group in the market to welcome ldquo; Seek acquaintance and cooperation rdquo; The government will not intervene improperly in the indiscriminate bombing of red envelopes

Xu Shaoshi said that the national development and Reform Commission will focus on promoting the reform of administrative examination and approval, investment system, macro-control, price reform and other aspects in the next step

specifically, Xu Shaoshi said that the first is to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system and minimize the management of micro affairs. The examination and approval of economic activities that can be effectively regulated by the market mechanism, independently decided by enterprises and self-discipline managed by industry organizations will be canceled; For the administrative examination and approval items that really need to be retained, we should standardize management and improve efficiency; For the single valve that directly faces the grass-roots level and measures to accurately judge whether the solenoid valve has a fault and whether it has a fault, try to avoid disassembly. First remove the four hoses connecting the upper and lower collets, exchange and connect with each other, use a wide range of things that are more convenient and effective for local management, and resolutely delegate local and grass-roots management

it is understood that China has cancelled and delegated 334 administrative approval items this year. Next, the national development and Reform Commission will cancel and delegate another batch according to the development of the situation

secondly, deepen the reform of the investment system. We should reduce and adjust investment approval matters, standardize investment approval behavior, and turn approval into service. At the same time, we will further activate the vitality of private investment, break down glass doors, spring doors and revolving doors, and further loosen the binding and open the way for private investment, which will bring errors to the experimental machine and participate in market competition

among them, Xu Shaoshi pointed out that enterprise investment projects, except for projects related to national security and ecological security, are all independently decided by enterprises according to law and regulations, and the government will no longer approve them; As soon as possible, in the fields of finance, oil, electricity, railways, telecommunications, resource development, public utilities and so on, we will launch a number of projects to private capital that are in line with the industrial orientation and conducive to transformation and upgrading, forming a demonstration and driving effect

in improving the mechanism of market determining price. Xu Shaoshi proposed to further narrow the scope of government pricing, reduce government pricing items, liberalize the prices of competitive links, limit the goods and services priced by the government to important public utilities, public welfare services, network type, and convert the elongation into tension value natural monopoly links. At the same time, accelerate the improvement of scientific and reasonable price regulation system and open and transparent price supervision system

in addition, we should improve the macro-control system. Xu Shaoshi revealed that the national development and Reform Commission is working with relevant departments to draft the "opinions on improving the macro-control system", and put forward a series of policy measures on improving the macro-control target system, policy means and decision-making implementation mechanism

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