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Tianjin Hexi District called the Promotion Association of market norms for vehicle textiles

recently, Tianjin Hexi District Bureau of quality supervision organized the Promotion Association of market norms for vehicle textile fibers. As an important activity of the "quality month", Hexi District Bureau of quality supervision Tianjin Textile Fiber Inspection Institute and Bohai Auto City have jointly built a cooperation platform to promote product quality improvement, and are committed to promoting the utilization of graphene materials from theoretical research to practical production

it is understood that the organizers jointly announced the specific measures of "jointly building standardized operation and jointly promoting quality improvement": graphene preparation and utilization technology; Large size silicon single crystal growth, wafer polishing, SOI wafer and sige/si epitaxial wafer preparation and processing technology; Large scale MOCVD key supporting materials, silicon substrate epitaxy and OLED lighting new material preparation technology; Large size GaAs substrate, polishing and epitaxial wafer, gaas/si material preparation technology; Infrared germanium single crystal, wide band gap single crystal and epitaxial material preparation technology; Third generation wide band gap semiconductor material preparation technology; High purity metal gallium, indium, arsenic, germanium, phosphorus, cadmium semiconductor distillation, zone melting purification large-scale continuous process technology, the tripartite joint twice a year in winter and summer to conduct sampling inspection of automotive textile fiber products in the automotive city; The three parties jointly went to the Bohai Auto City regularly to demonstrate the construction of 750000 T/a propane dehydrogenation and 8 × 60000 T/a green carbon black recycling project, 2 × 400000 T/a high-performance polypropylene project, 750000 T/a propane dehydrogenation co production of 260000 T/a acrylonitrile and 100000 t/a MMA project, 650million cubic meters/year clean hydrogen energy project field consulting services and explaining the relevant knowledge of the product quality of automotive textile fiber products. At the same time, the District Quality Supervision Bureau and huanauto city also made public complaints and strengthened the supervision of operators. In the event of the day, the technicians of Tianjin Fiber Inspection Institute explained the common problems and solutions in the quality and safety of automotive textile fiber products to the merchants on the spot, and answered the questions and consultations of the merchants

the three departments and units jointly set up the promotion, which aims to build a cooperation platform for the government product quality supervision department, product quality supervision and inspection institutions and market managers to jointly promote the improvement of product quality. This will effectively promote the quality level of automotive textile fiber products in the Bohai Auto City to be effectively improved, and create a safe Higher quality shopping environment

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