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Tianjin Hangu manufacturing green recycled steel drums

the signing ceremony of Tianjin adier packaging container Co., Ltd., which was jointly invested and established by Tianjin Datian packaging container Co., Ltd. and Japan ADR (adier) Co., Ltd. adhering to the principle of serving enterprises and promoting industry development, was recently held in Tianjin Binhai holiday hotel

it is understood that Tianjin adier packaging container Co., Ltd. is located in Hangu district. It is rebuilt on the basis of the original Tianjin Datian packaging container Co., Ltd. after the expansion, it will cover an area of 30 mu, with a total investment of 60million yuan, mainly engaged in the cleaning, renovation and recycling of 200 liter steel drums. The company adopts scientific, advanced and environmental protection treatment technology, and is currently the only high-quality green recycled steel drum assembly line in China, with an estimated annual production of 600000

Lvfuchun, Secretary of Hangu District Party committee, said that vigorously developing circular economy and jointly investing in the development and construction of old steel barrel rehabilitation projects are in line with the industrial development direction of Binhai New Area, which is conducive to cultivating new economic growth points and improving the comprehensive economic strength and overall service capacity of Binhai New area

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