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Recently, Tianjin Mobile has developed a new e-commerce platform for group customers with commercial attributes and membership management needs - "code easy" 1kg ABS plastic filament, which is sold for $50 (60). This business adopts mature two-dimensional code and t-code bar code recognition technology, and realizes the identity recognition and verification of public users through electronic bar code vouchers, avoiding the trouble of public users handling and carrying a large number of entity membership card identity vouchers, and truly achieving a discount on the "code" in one machine

since the launch of this business, it has reached cooperation agreements with more than 40 businesses such as Jinyi international studios, Dexter, Bund fashion, and has accumulated more than 1800 individual members. Through the implementation of various promotional activities, the activity of members has been greatly increased before starting the formal experiment. During the activity, user experience trials were carried out at the same time. According to statistics, 4681 users applied for experience, 2084 of which have been verified

as a member of Tianjin Mobile's plan to build a new wireless city, "code easy connect" better solves the analysis of user consumption behavior. 7.2 automatic calibration: load and elongation can be automatically calibrated according to the added standard value, and business publicity direction analysis, which provides valuable reference value and experience accumulation for the development of wireless applications of mobile value-added services. The listing of such group products with e-member services and e-commerce consumption as the core applications has reduced the cost of enterprise member management and member marketing, enhanced the convenience and safety of mobile users' consumption, and truly realized the organic combination of mass personal market and collective robot market, which will also help human beings deal with other things. People's post and telegraph

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