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A Xinkai furniture factory in Dongli District, Tianjin was complained about its heavy paint smell

a Xinkai furniture factory in Dongli District, Tianjin was complained about its heavy paint smell

September 16, 2013 reading test scope expansion: Source: Tianjin | submission

[China paint information] a month ago, a furniture factory located near Laoquan village, Xinli street, Dongli District, Tianjin had just opened. Unfortunately, the newly opened furniture made the residents miserable. Mr. Liu, a citizen of Tianjin, lives near the furniture factory. He helps the office to reflect the problem of heavy paint smell in the furniture factory

will cause serious consequences. Mr. Liu's home is only about 10 meters away from the furniture factory. He endures the pungent smell of paint emitted by the furniture factory all the time. He once reported this problem with the Environmental Protection Bureau of Dongli District, and the environmental protection bureau also went to the scene for testing. After testing, the furniture factory not only did not converge, but opened all the factory windows, resulting in the smell of paint all over the street. Mr. Liu hopes to solve the problem of excessive paint smell in the furniture factory through legal channels and provide a good living environment for the surrounding residents

Mr. Liu told: "the gas emitted by the furniture factory has both the smell of paint and the smell of burnt plastic. There are large residential areas around the old circle village of Xinli street. The residents here smell these harmful gases for a long time, which will definitely affect their health. I want to ask whether there are ways to let the furniture factory reduce the emission of harmful gases? Or can the factory be moved out of the residential area?"

report this problem to Dongli District Environmental Protection Bureau, The staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau responded: "Environmental protection 1. To be sure whether the power supply of the control box is connected correctly when there is no reaction to the operation, the Bureau has gone to the Laoquan village of Xinli street to conduct an on-site investigation of the furniture factory a few days ago, and detected that the harmful substances in the gas emitted by the furniture factory exceeded the standard. Because the Environmental Protection Bureau has no law enforcement power, we reflected the detection results of this EPS board, which is the abbreviation of EPS board, to the Dongli detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Dongli detachment has established a And force them to deal with the problem within a time limit. "

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