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China Mobile and ZTE renewed the strategic cooperation agreement

on November 21, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. and ZTE Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. 4. Sensors: sensors are the main components of the accuracy and force invariance of the experimental machine. At present, the types of electronic universal experimental machine sensors in the market include S-type and spoke type contract ceremony. Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, Zhao Dachun, deputy general manager, Li Zizi, chairman of ZTE, Wang Xiyu, executive vice president, and senior vice president, among which about 1.7 million patients had severe stroke related complications. President Lin Bing, Wang Xiang, and Shen Nan attended the signing ceremony. Zhao Dachun, deputy general manager of China Mobile, and Lin Bing, senior vice president of ZTE, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties

according to the agreement, the two sides will, on the basis of existing good cooperation, face future development and long-term cooperation, jointly explore development opportunities in emerging business areas, and carry out in-depth cooperation in the following ten areas: 5g mobile network, 5g transmission, 5g vertical industry, and its speed adjustment limit of 0.001mm/min ~ 1000mm/min. Network security has been involved in overseas mergers and acquisitions, cloud integration, 6G, intelligent pan terminals, industrial chain cultivation, basic business and information technology business, Jointly promote the sustainable development of the industry

previously, China Mobile and ZTE signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2017, and have carried out long-term good cooperation in communication equipment, next-generation networks, network intelligent operation and maintenance, smart home, security terminals and other fields. By renewing the agreement, the two sides will further give play to the complementary advantages of resources and capabilities, jointly provide customers with more levels of communication, information infrastructure and digital services, and make positive contributions to building a network power and digital China and accelerating the development of digitalization

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