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China Mobile: ten year big cloud welcome 5g

electromechanical; 5g market; Industry information; At the forefront of the market, 5g business requires not only 5g networks and 5g terminals. The combination of big data, cloud computing, IOT, AI and other technologies with 5g shows imaginative future innovations applied to thousands of industries. Providing services that go beyond the Internet is the practical need of 5g development for operators. Therefore, in the 5g+ plan proposed by China Mobile, 5g+aicde, 5g+4g and 5g+ ecology have become three strategic directions. Aicde, where C is cloud computing. From the perspective of the whole cloud computing market, the cloud of China Mobile is still in the growth stage. In the Chinese market alone, Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, Tianyi cloud and Jinshan cloud rank first, and Huawei cloud is also catching up. Therefore, cloud computing is a piece that China Mobile must vigorously improve in 5g business. Recently, China Mobile released Dayun 5.0 in Suzhou, announcing new deployment ideas to the industry

cloud is, that is, cloud

5g era, we have ushered in the era of big cloud 5.0. The era of big cloud 5.0 and 5g is not just a coincidence. We can see that big cloud 5.0 is an important part of China Mobile 5g. Big cloud 5.0 includes three parts: C (Cloud Computing), D (big data) and e (edge computing). At the same time, it also provides support for 5g, a (Artificial Intelligence) and I (IOT). Sun Shaoling, deputy general manager of China Mobile (Suzhou) Software Technology Co., Ltd., said when releasing cloud 5.0 that the 'cerebellum' applied in many industries and the 'brain' of operators' cloud can be better coordinated through 5g connection, which also lays the foundation for the future intelligent society, and China Mobile will build a system of integration, accommodation and intelligence

in big cloud 5.0, convergence is to achieve cloud and convergence, cloud and edge convergence, cloud and big data convergence, and, edge and number are the advantages of operators, so as to improve service capabilities; Accommodation is to integrate internal and external applications, and build a rich and colorful application system based on SaaS ecological area; Rongzhi is to build a centralized, intelligent and efficient operation and maintenance system. The purpose is to make it easy for the cloud to use the ability of counting things

sun Shaoling said: the future of cloud is not only a new type of infrastructure, but also an important strategic entry

the big cloud of China Mobile started very early. As the earliest cloud computing R & D plan in China, China Mobile launched corresponding work in 2007 and established a 256 node laboratory. In 2010, big cloud 1.0 was released, realizing the first commercial use of cloud computing. In 2014, after the establishment of China Mobile Suzhou R & D center, Dayun established a professional R & D, delivery and after-sales system and entered the fast lane of development. From 2015 to 2016, Dayun achieved large-scale commercial use and now deploys more than 6000 nodes. In 2017, Dayun 4.0 was released, which is another new starting point. In 2018, the application scale of Dayun reached a new level. Another advantage of directcoating process over spraying is that the deployment scale exceeds 49000 sections. This year, cloud 5.0 was released, and the deployment scale exceeded 100000 nodes

now there are clouds in the cloud, that is, the cloud, that is, the cloud, so in the 5g era, our core is to build on the cloud, which is a network cloud. Therefore, Dayun 5.0 must support the core of our future 5g. The team adopts bubble film plastic foam bags to pretend to be the construction of containers. Sun Shaoling said

big cloud 5.0 moves towards the combination of software and hardware

specifically, what capabilities should China Mobile's big cloud 5.0 have

according to sun Shaoling, the main capabilities of Dayun 5.0 are reflected in five points. The first is full stack support from private cloud, public cloud to hybrid cloud, the second is enhanced carrier level capabilities, the third is extensive product compatibility, the fourth is highly autonomous and controllable, and the fifth is high-quality service guarantee

with the advent of 5g era, many applications require low latency and fast response, so the cloud extends from the original centralized computing to edge computing, and the access point of the network is the natural edge of cloud computing of operators. Due to the continuous development of cloud computing and the increasing requirements for cloud computing, cloud computing has moved from software products to the combination of software and hardware in order to maximize efficiency

sun Shaoling said: in the future, Dayun 5.0 must meet the lightweight computing power and storage capacity required by the edge, and achieve efficient energy consumption ratio; At the same time, we should customize the hardware and combine the software and hardware

in the IAAs layer, China Mobile is deeply customizing the hardware through ODM and JDM to finely match its business requirements. At present, China Mobile has developed its first motherboard, which can be supplied in batches in the second half of this year. This motherboard can better operate and maintain, with high storage density, and can meet the requirements of internal mass storage. China Mobile is also building all-in-one products for storage and other application scenarios to improve the optimal configuration of hardware and achieve efficient delivery

in the PAAS layer, China Mobile has enhanced its support for various middleware, such as database, big data, artificial intelligence and so on, providing an innovative environment for the integration of R & D and operation. To meet the requirements of cloud convergence, China Mobile has built a cloud choreographer on the cloud platform, which can provide cloud interconnection, cloud leased line and cloud broadband products

to be an important infrastructure of telecommunications, cloud computing must first have the high reliability required by telecommunications networks. Sun Shaoling said: at present, we can support disaster recovery across data centers. This project has attracted much attention from the outside world for its backup and high reliability; At the same time, a lot of work has been carried out in the heterogeneous management of multi data centers and multi manufacturers to support carrier level operability and manageability; With the group, 5g tube is created, which can be used for network level management. In addition, according to the carrier level requirements, we use real-time kernel and other technologies to deeply optimize the cloud, reduce the forwarding delay, and introduce SRV and other technologies to improve the forwarding performance of the network

the network system of China Mobile is very complex. The current situation of multi data centers and multi manufacturer heterogeneous platforms promotes that China Mobile cloud 5.0 must manage all kinds of devices in a unified manner and interoperate. At present, China Mobile has docked with mainstream SDN, virtualized computing and storage manufacturers, and has realized the opposite connection with various middleware in the platform capability layer, and has also cooperated with mainstream manufacturers in the security layer

sun Shaoling said: China Mobile cloud development for more than ten years, we adhere to independent research and development, master core capabilities. Dayun 5.0 system is based on open source, but it is deeply customized. It has submitted 258 patents and has 96 software copyrights. On the most important system of cloud computing, including operating system, database and server, we have achieved autonomy and control

among the industry solutions, the mobile cloud based on big cloud 5.0 includes various solutions of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. The national layout of mobile cloud is 5+31+x, and the number of provincial nodes has exceeded 10000. The revenue has increased rapidly. At present, it provides public cloud services to 250000 customers. In private cloud, China Mobile's experience mainly comes from its own private cloud construction and operation and that of ICBC

Qianfan plan to create a new ecosystem

at the SaaS level, what are the ecological construction measures of China Mobile

according to sun Shaoling, we hope to integrate excellent SaaS applications into the mobile cloud, and we can create a win-win ecosystem through revenue sharing. Therefore, China Mobile launched the Qianfan plan. In addition, China Mobile cloud computing and big data co creation space settled in Suyan, and Suzhou Industrial interconnection demonstration zone also hopes to cooperate with all parties in the industry

before the Qianfan plan, China Mobile has implemented the cloud week plan and has introduced hundreds of SaaS applications. Dai Zhong, general manager of China Mobile government enterprise branch, said that the further upgraded Qianfan plan hopes to introduce more than 1000 applications at the SaaS level

Liu Junwei, deputy general manager of cloud computing Department of China Mobile (Suzhou) Software Technology Co., Ltd., said that Dayun focuses on helping China Mobile's network transformation, it reconstruction and industrial upgrading. Take the lead in planning 8 regions and 30000 nodes in the industry; Structural reforms have been made in the field of IT infrastructure to support centralization. Nearly 3000 systems have been reduced to less than 50, and the scale of private cloud resource pool has reached 128000, supporting 65% of the systems on the cloud; Self developed the world's largest openstack+sdn public cloud, serving more than 200000 users

whether the cloud ecosystem is robust is an important indicator to measure the competitiveness of cloud services. China Mobile's Qianfan plan is also at the beginning of 5g business. Having experienced the exploration of walking to the water poor place, sitting in the mountains when watching the clouds rise, and not knowing where the clouds are deep, China Mobile has entered a new stage of crossing the bridge to distinguish the color, moving the clouds, and whether it can finally reach the point of looking back at the carving shooting place, Mu Yunping for thousands of miles, Dayun 5.0 or the key

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