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China Mobile's "with you" debut at the 2015 world mobile communication conference

the 2015 GSMA world mobile communication conference was held in Barcelona as scheduled. At this conference, exhibitors not only exhibited their latest technologies as always, but also made in-depth exploration in industrial applications and services. This is the third time that China Mobile has participated in this grand event of the international communication industry. As the mobile communication operator with the largest network and customer scale in the world, China Mobile will compete with the world's largest mobile communication operator in this exhibition? With you as the theme, you highlighted the 4G development achievements and subsequent technology evolution and vision, integrated communication, and family, government enterprise car service, as well as international open cooperation, which attracted many participants and media to visit and experience

in the 4G and related technology exhibition area, China Mobile showed its 4G development achievements and the latest commercial 4G terminal products, 4G network enhancement technology, 4G evolution technology research and development, 5g vision, etc. In 2014, the first year of 4G in China, TD-LTE led by China Mobile created a miracle in the history of communication. In just one year, China Mobile has built more than 700000 4G base stations to enhance its core competitiveness, with more than 90million users, and sold more than 100million 4G terminals. China Mobile's 4G network has become the largest and most widely covered network in the world. Next, China Mobile will continue to improve and improve 4G technologies, such as network optimization (LTE cube technology), signal enhancement (sigwell and relay); At the same time, the research and development of 4G evolution technology is also in rapid progress. The next step will be to vigorously promote the use of carrier aggregation technology, so that both systems and terminals can support carrier aggregation technology, explore downlink carrier aggregation technology, and let customers get a good experience from new technologies. 3d-mimo, novonet and carrier aggregation technology will work together to create a better future for 4G evolution. Compared with 4G, 5g will greatly improve its performance. 5g provides access speed comparable to that of optical fiber, zero delay experience, connection capacity of 100 billion devices, services with ultra-high traffic density, ultra-high connection number density and ultra-high mobility, and realizes intelligent optimization of business and user perception. This time, China Mobile demonstrated 5g stealth base station (composed of RF antenna part smartile and baseband part c-ran), It reflects the three characteristics of the future mobile Internet Era: high efficiency, high speed and intelligence

in the integrated communication (RCS) exhibition area, the prices of China Mobile show are also very different, which shows the new communication mode of integrating computer network and traditional communication network, and realizes the three functions of new call, new news and new contact. New calls and more than 70000 professional visitors from more than 50 countries and regions around the world will provide high-definition voice with volte as the core. The task of energy conservation for exterior wall insulation is arduous, the market has great potential for development, video calls and multi-party calls, with clear sound quality and shorter delay; New messages not only include SMS and MMS, but also support voice, video, expression, file, location and group chat; The new contact is based on the real number, gradually build a new social relationship based on the user's communication relationship, and provide access to public information services. Converged communication business will build a more expanded customer base, so that various capabilities can be effectively aggregated to form a more integrated, efficient and convenient communication mode. In this exhibition area, the latest flagship terminal of native based converged communication and China Mobile's own brand terminal products will also be displayed

this exhibition brought new experiences and surprises to China Mobile and home areas. Provide customers with home entertainment, home communication, information services and rich home applications through the architecture of end-to-end management cloud. Among them, the end is home customs, which serves as the entrance of home network and business; Tube is China mobile network with quality assurance; Cloud is the family business cloud based on the family open platform. With the family open platform as the core, Hejia extends to both ends, and extends to customers in one direction. It provides family customers with multi screen interactive interfaces such as computers, TVs, and pads. Customers can use the services provided by China Mobile with any terminal and any network. The other direction extends to partners, opening the platform capabilities to business providers, service providers, terminal manufacturers and openers, reducing the cost of partners' innovation in smart homes, and working together with partners to provide home entertainment, home communications, information services and other rich home applications for home customers. It can be said that he family built by China Mobile is a family service center, which connects people, people and devices, covers all aspects of life, and makes life more intelligent

in addition, at this conference, China Mobile also displayed richer services and applications such as car service based on 4G network, cross platform unified certification, mm application and international expansion, which fully demonstrated that China Mobile used its network and technical advantages to work with industry and technical partners to realize the beautiful vision of mobile changing life

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