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China Mobile is going to sea to buy 18% shares of true, a Thai telecom operator.

China Mobile announced that it would acquire 18% shares of true, one of the three major telecom operators in Thailand, at a price of about 5.5 billion yuan, to accelerate the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions. China Mobile is accelerating the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions. On June 9, China Mobile announced that it would acquire 18% of the shares of true, one of the three major telecom operators in Thailand, at a price of about 5.5 billion yuan

After the completion of the transaction, the two sides will cooperate in technology and network construction, procurement sharing, market development and other fields. However, due to the problems related to state-owned assets and listed companies, the transaction is still pending the approval of the relevant regulatory agencies

will become the second largest shareholder

on June 9, China Mobile signed a share subscription agreement with Thai telecom operator true through its China Mobile International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Mobile International Holdings)

according to the transaction agreement, China Mobile International Holdings subscribed for the non-public shares of true company, with a total transaction price of about 5.5 billion yuan. At the same time, true also raised about 7billion yuan from its controlling shareholders and other public shareholders. After the completion of the transaction, China Mobile International Holdings held 18% of the company's equity, becoming its second largest shareholder

according to the data, there are three major telecom operators in Thailand, namely AIS company, TAC company and true company. Among them, true company is the only metal material impact experiment in Thailand, which is the main testing item in the production of modern metal materials. One operator without foreign partners, whose main businesses include broadband network, mobile and pay TV. At present, true is the investment holding company of Thailand Chia Tai Group, with about 29million users as of March 2014

Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, said in an interview with the daily economy that China Mobile has a large amount of cash in hand and can support overseas mergers and acquisitions. With high population density, great market potential and similar culture to China, Thailand is a good value depression. After investment, China Mobile can strengthen its influence on the whole Southeast Asian market

in fact, China Mobile also believes that China and Thailand have frequent economic, trade and personnel exchanges, high compatibility of language, habits and culture, a relatively ideal investment environment, and access to new user resources, international business resources and new profit growth space

Li Yue, CEO of China Mobile, said that true is a leading company in Thailand's broadband and cable TV industry. It also enjoys a strong market position in 3G and 4G mobile services and is an ideal partner

the pace of overseas expansion has accelerated

it is noted that China Mobile has been actively expanding internationally. According to public information, as early as 2005, China Mobile participated in the bidding for 26% of the equity of Pakistan Telecom, but it was defeated by Emirates Telecom and ended in failure. This is considered by the industry as the first attempt of internationalization by China Mobile

in December 2005, China Mobile acquired 99% of the share capital of Hong Kong China Resources Wanzhong Co., Ltd. for HK $3.384 billion, and now operates 3G, 4G and other businesses in Hong Kong

in 2007, China Mobile acquired Paktel, a Pakistani operator, for us $460million, and established a new company CMPak to launch the first international brand, Zong. In May this year, China Mobile Pakistan won the 3G license and the only 4G license through auction, becoming the only operator in the country that operates 3G and 4G industries at the same time and can also be used for other low-temperature detection and experimental work

Zeng Jianqiu, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, said in an interview with the daily economy that China Mobile's acquisition of Thailand Telecom is in line with the previous internationalization strategic direction. Another factor is that by expanding the market scale, the independent TDD 4G standard promotion has become the international mainstream standard

in March this year, Xi Guohua, chairman of China Mobile Group, told the media that China Mobile would strive to promote 4G standards overseas without much control, and thus accelerate the pace of overseas expansion. It also revealed that it was negotiating overseas acquisition projects and would also consider expanding the European and American markets

according to the data, the above-mentioned China Mobile International Holdings, which participated in the merger and acquisition of Thai true company, was specially registered and established by China Mobile in Hong Kong, China. It collaborated with China Mobile's foreign investment office to further expand the international market by using local resources

however, many people believe that China Mobile is a state-owned enterprise and does not have much experience in overseas mergers and acquisitions. They are worried about failure

however, Zeng Jianqiu said to China Mobile that its overseas mergers and acquisitions have both failed and succeeded, and have accumulated a lot of experience for itself

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